Metal Guitar God 2013

2013-10-21 10:34:06 by Metalcan

Greetings solid citizens!

I've decided to try and get into music again, and to kick it off I've joined the Metal Guitar God 2013 Competition!

Go check out the video, and vote for me!

I really want to make more games too, so I'll be posting some more weird stuff in the not too distant future. Hoping my effort to exercize and eat healthy will have a positive effect on my energy, which has been very low for a long time.

Also, WOW! My tune Desert Rose has been downloaded a crazy half-a-million times! 519,475 Faces melted and counting! That's just nuts!

Thanks all!


Music and Flash

2007-11-20 05:57:01 by Metalcan

Hey solid citizens!

I've posted a Joe Satriani cover out that I'm very proud of, the song is called Love Thing, and it's one of my favourite Satch songs. Thanks for the front page whoever made that happen!
Check it out why don't ya.

If you're more into face melting guitars, there's always Desert Rose, now downloaded crazy 21,637 times. Thanks all you metal fans!

Me and Yronsparx got our first real flash cartoon up as well! (picture) Very excited to be in the top 10 on Monday. Hope you'll check it out!

That's it, take it easy!


Music and Flash


2007-07-17 16:43:49 by Metalcan

Wow, I have to say this redesign is bloody awesome!