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Check out my audio! I've got everything from metal to electronic to classical. You can of course use it in your game, just give me credit. Rock on! ;)

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Metal Guitar God 2013

Posted by Metalcan - October 21st, 2013

Greetings solid citizens!

I've decided to try and get into music again, and to kick it off I've joined the Metal Guitar God 2013 Competition!

Go check out the video, and vote for me!

I really want to make more games too, so I'll be posting some more weird stuff in the not too distant future. Hoping my effort to exercize and eat healthy will have a positive effect on my energy, which has been very low for a long time.

Also, WOW! My tune Desert Rose has been downloaded a crazy half-a-million times! 519,475 Faces melted and counting! That's just nuts!

Thanks all!



Comments (3)

I'm entering now
Don't worry
I want 2nd place
That 7 string is mine

I hope you already entered man, cause signups are closed.

Yeah, those guitars are kickass!

Awesome solo! I'll vote for you ^_^

And your song Desert Rose is an Audio Portal metal classic now... You made it even before I joined the portal, man... Why did u stop making music? :(

Hey thanks!!
Yeah, it's been a long time since I made music. I'm not sure I have an answer to why I stopped. I guess I approached it in the wrong way, and the joy went out of it.

Man, awesome. Glad you are going to make some more music. Your stuff was / is pretty influential to me.
I want to make some music with you. haha. I also think you and dan should hook up for another tune. I just finished one with him, called fist fu. |should stop on by and give it an ear.

Will vote as well. :)

Thanks man! Yeah we definitely have to collab. I just need to get my shit together. Dan and me talked about collabing again a while ago, and it's definitely my fault that it hasn't happened yet. Will give your tune a listen for sure. Thanks for the vote! :)