Entry #1


2007-07-17 16:43:49 by Metalcan

Wow, I have to say this redesign is bloody awesome!


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2007-07-18 10:16:51

You still suck though. ;D

Metalcan responds:

>: (


2007-08-18 18:19:40

Ignore that douche, your music rocks!

Metalcan responds:

Don't worry he's my friend. ;) Thanks a lot though!


2007-08-28 20:01:21

So man..now that you got all this spare time on your hands...I say its about time we make some music. You shit. haha.
I'm in the process of making a scary halloweenish track...but..I won't stop at one. Comin up to my favorite time of year...you in for another one? C'mon...

haha. Hope shit is goin well.

Metalcan responds:

Hey, I'm up for a song! It just pisses me off that I forgot to bring the power cable for my guitar pedal, so now I get a slightly crap sound on everything. I might have to buy another cable now.

The good thing is that I now have my old fender with rather thick strings, which I can tune down a lot and make it sound real mean. Well as mean as a fender with shitty single coils can sound hehe.

Also, so far the internet here seems really great. The upload speed is even more insane than the download.

btw, I'll be away on friday, saturday and possibly sunday visiting my father, so I can't do anything on those days.


2007-09-14 11:26:16

Why do such a lot of awesome audio people turn out being norwegian months after I know about them

Metalcan responds:

Guess couse it's typically Norwegian to be awesome. Hey I didn't know you were Norwegian either. Nice going there. I like your music btw, really inspiring!


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